Gift a custom engraved bottle of CÎROC Vodka for any occasion. 3.0 out of 5 stars 1. New Amsterdam Watermelon Vodka. CÎROC is an inspired vodka distilled five times from fine French grapes and finished in a copper pot-still in the Legendary Cognac Region of France. If you want to buy Cîroc Vodka 3L, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Vodkas Cîroc. As low as $8.04. $15.95 $ 15. This distinct vodka is manufactured by Diageo, who have a large catalogue of brands of spirits and beer which they offer all over the world. Since 2007, US marketing and promotion for CÎROC has been handled by Sean "Diddy" Combs in an "equal-share venture" with profits from the brand being split between Combs and Diageo. Ciroc helped to modernise the world of vodka by taking it out of its eastern European heartland, relocating it to France and using grapes – rather than potatoes or cereals – to make it. Absolut Vodka 80. Its name is a mashup of two French words: cime … DISTINCT COLLECTION OF FLAVORS. In vodka Ciroc … Cîroc Vodka (3L) Bottling Note A jeroboam-sized bottle of Ciroc vodka, made with French grapes which are harvested when frozen and five times distilled. Vodka lovers, you've never sipped an ultra-premium spirit like this before. Try it in a mix or along on the rocks. With all the cocktail possibilities, this will definitely be a smash for late summer … Add to cart. Discover Our Heritage. Vi har alt inden for Dagligvarer blandt vores 500.000 mærke- og hverdagsvarer. Taste: The flavor and body are powerful features where sweet and dry flavors resulting from the conjunction between grapes … A taste experience that is … Ketel One Vodka, 1.75 L, 80 Proof 5.0 out of 5 stars 53 #31. A highly unique vodka. Cîroc is a French vodka distilled from grapes harvested from the Gaillac and Cognac regions. New Amsterdam Apple Vodka. The brand has … Producentinformation Mærke . Cîroc Vodka is the brainchild of Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, whose family has been producing wine in the French Bordeaux region for the past 400 years. Ciroc is and imported vodka … Fairly Odd Novelties Shot Glass Roulette Complete … 40% . New Amsterdam Watermelon Vodka. Vodka . The vodka is produced by Diageo and imported by Diageo. Critics have scored this product 89 points. Upload up to 3 images for your review (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG): Great customer service; delivery was prompt and accurate. A premium vodka in a league of its own, Cîroc vodka is not only smooth and crisp in the mouth, but it is also gluten-free. $4.95 shipping. Læs mere. As low as $2.75. $33.71 This is due to the fact that only high-altitude grapes are used to craft this distinctive vodka. After harvest, these high-altitude grapes are processed and then distilled five times to create a remarkable fresh and pure product. Cîroc Vodka is made from two different types of French grapes—mauzac blanc and ugni blanc—and is distilled five times. After an innovative cold fermentation process, Cîroc is distilled five times to produce an amazingly smooth vodka… We offer more than 59.000 products for sale converting Drinks&Co this way into a leader in Europe thanks to more than 38.000 customers who shop at Drinks&Co. CIROC VODKA. 95. CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka is a luxurious ultra-premium vodka made from fine French grapes to be the toast of modern luxury. An inspired vodka distilled from fine French grapes. Ciroc Pineapple Vodka. Produktnummer: BE_001059. Terms & conditions | The average price is around $43.58 per 750mL. Get it at the best price at Drinks&Co, comfortable, quick and safe. 750ml. $39.98, Get registered and receive the best offers. As low as $2.75. Størrelse . Ciroc is distilled five times to produce exquisitely smooth vodka. As low as $10.10. Take a look at the options we can offer you. Køb for eksempel Ciroc Vodka 40% 3 L til en fordelagtig medlemspris – så er du godt på vej til en billigere hverdag . Made exclusively from grapes Ugni Blanc Mauzac Blanc and top quality to offer a smooth, exquisitely fresh and innovative experience. Tasting Notes (1) But it is equally enjoyable by those who can have gluten, of course. To use this site, you must be, 2 Must Try Vodka Coctails for Your Next Party, Bongani Robusto – Africa’s First Premium Cigar. Those among us who have been looking for gluten-free alcohol options need look no further! Ciroc vodka is a premium beverage brand created by a British multinational, Diageo. Made using French grapes, the vodka goes through five distillations before resulting in the smooth, fruity vodka. CIROC Vodka is distilled from fine French grapes for a smooth and fresh vodka experience. As low as $14.99. Ciroc Vodka Jeroboam, 3 L. Regular price £149.99. Vodka flavored with any number of different additions has become an increasingly important sector over recent y ... Stores and prices for 'Ciroc Snap Frost Grape Vodka… Distilled from fine French grapes, Ciroc is vodka of the highest order. While most vodkas are grain-based - using either potatoes, corn, wheat, or other grains - Cîroc has a base of French grapes which are grown in the South of France in the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux. Most vodkas are produced from common starches such as wheat or potatoes, but there are other, more uncommon ways to create vodka. Delivery Details. kineticards Vodka Shots Drunk College Ciroc Alcohol Drink Chug | Home Decor Wall Art Print Poster. Take a look at the options we can offer you. It is filtered with Charcoal. If you continue to browse, we'll consider you're accepting our. This product is not available in France. At the heart of this unique, luxury vodka are select grapes grown high in the Gaillic region of France. Drinks delivered in 20-50min within Nairobi. Taste: Smooth, lightly sweet and enriched by … Required fields are marked *, Your ratingRate…PerfectGoodAverageNot that badVery poor. CÎROC Vodka is a brand of luxury eau-de-vie vodka, manufactured by using grapes from the Charente-Maritime region of France. 14,995/-. FRA | COGNAC | 40% | 3L. Celebrate with CÎROC CÎROC is a truly modern vodka, inspired by more than a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship. CÎROC™ … Users have rated this product 3.5 out of 5 stars. The relatively higher price, when compared to low-cost brands, is backed up by the quirk that, unlike most vodka brands, Ciroc … Cîroc was made to shine. He used his wine heritage to create a new and exciting future for vodka. Ciroc Vodka 3 Litre 300cl / 40% A big three-litre bottle of Ciroc's ultra-premium, five-times-distilled, grape-based vodka. It is produced and distributed by the British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker Diageo. Grey Goose Vodka. The Ciroc vodka is the most sophisticated in the world. £165.94 (£55.31 / l) & FREE Delivery . CÎROC is an inspired vodka distilled five times from fine French grapes and finished in a copper pot-still in the Legendary Cognac Region of France. It is distilled five times and finished in a copper pot-still in the Legendary Cognac Region of France. This vodka is a tropical spin on a classic French grape based vodka. Receive now the best wine & sparkling wine offers and recommendations in your email. This innovation in French craftmanship uses a cold fermentation process, unique in the world of vodka, … Ciroc Vodka. At the heart of this unique vodka are carefully selected grapes grown high in the Gaillac region of France. Shop our collection of CÎROC® Vodka. 3 L. Alkohol . Your email address will not be published. | Drink in moderation | RSS | Drinks&Co Cîroc vodka is a modern premium vodka produced in the South of France. Deep Eddy Flavored Vodka, Lemon, 750 mL, 70 Proof 4.8 out of 5 stars 34 #30. Your email address will not be published. Belvedere Vodka, 750mL, 80 proof 4.9 out of 5 stars 28 #29. New Amsterdam Apple Vodka. Ciroc is a 40% ABV vodka from France. As low as $8.04. This is, of course, the ultra premium vodka for … This innovation in French craftsmanship uses a cold fermentation process, unique in the world of vodka, that preserves the grapes’ distinct freshness. © 2020 Oaks & Corks. CIROC Mango, the newest addition to the Ciroc family. Ciroc Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka that celebrates the uncommon on every level; from the distilled Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes, grown in the historic Gaillac and Cognac regions of France, to … It is the fine French grapes and the fifth distillation that gives CÎROC a … © 2020, We use cookies, both own and third parties, to provide our services. Good Spirits. 3Ltr Jeroboam Made from fresh grapes from France's Gaillac region, Ciroc is smooth, fresh and innovative. The Bottle Club is a premium wine, spirits, beers and minerals website offering the finest beverages in the United Kingdom. Cookies Smirnoff No. Cîroc Vodka Essential Facts . CÎROC is a taste experience that is refreshingly different and elegantly smooth. Delivery in 20-50 minutes within Nairobi! Ciroc Coconut Vodka. The fact that this vodka is wine-based means that it will mix excellently with any other grape or wine-based product. Cîroc is one of these uncommon vodkas, distilled from … As low as $13.09. CÎROC Vodka 3L. 5 times distilled. 21 Red Label Vodka… Delivered. Odour: mild and fruity aroma. Introduction to Ciroc Vodka. A taste experience that is refreshingly different and elegantly smooth. Ciroc Vodka . Privacy | France- Derived from ""snap frost"" grapes; Mauzac Blanc from the Gaillac region of France, and Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region. The bottle states the following: Snap frost vodka distilled from fine French grapes. The name Cîroc comes from a combination of the French words "cime" and "roche", which mean summit and rock, respectively. Taste: The flavor and body are powerful features where sweet and dry flavors resulting from the conjunction between grapes and combine cereal. Ciroc Vodka, 750 mL, 80 Proof 4.9 out of 5 stars 49 #28. The juice extracted from these is fermented cold to … Cîroc Vodka 3L. Color: Cîroc Vodka 3L has a semitransparent color. A vodka with great force and body, and mild but lasting flavor, also with the essence of the fruit. Rated out of 5 based on reviews. Our range of premium grape vodka. 3 Litre - Jeroboam size bottle. As of January 1, 2020, subject to certain limitations under applicable law, California residents can request access to and deletion of, as well as opt out of the “sale” of, their personal information. Ciroc Vodka 40% 3 L .